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I am a versatile talent capable of VO in many different fields. I specialize in medical narration, corporate narration, and conversational reads. Because of my diverse background, I can offer extensive character work as well! I excel at casual, real, young reads and can bring optimism and energy to your next project!

I attended a French school in LA from Kindergarten through 12th grade. I not only learned French, but also Spanish with instructors from both Spain, and South America. Since I am of Iranian descent, I also speak Persian fluently! That makes me, you guessed it, quadrilingual! And convincingly too :p


My unique blend of pre-dental, and MBA degrees gives me versatility for technical reads and corporate narration. Curious? Read more about my education.

Did I mention I was a nerd? Having gamed since 1999 and consumed anime + animation for just about as long, I am extremely tuned into nerd culture. I keep up to date with the latest games and anime dubs to sharpen my skills and learn from my peers!

I am extremely tech savvy! I build my own computers and have been immersed in tech since I was 4! Rest assured that you will not face technical hiccups from me! I bear the honorable badge of "family IT guy." Basically, you'll come to me if you have a problem with your tech.

Why Choose Me?

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